JumpCenter—a software product developed by JumpSoft–is the first application- and platform-agnostic Application Management solution that delivers several important innovations:

  • A new and breakthrough level of visibility and control…
  • Across all applications, regardless of type (custom, OTS, SaaS) and platform (on-premise, cloud, virtual)…
  • The ability to work with next gen frameworks and architectures, as the app layer gets “thicker”…
  • With “snap-in” integration…
  • And no customization or scripting.

Dynamix Engine

Dynamix is the patented engine within JumpCenter that simplifies the management of complex enterprise applications—regardless of technology or operating platform.  Because JumpSoft has taken a fundamentally unique approach to solving this challenge, it can now be done without the need to create complex scripts or run books, but via a smart logic engine with a simple and intuitive interface.

Enterprise Class Technology

The JumpCenter application management platform is built on enterprise java and delivered as a software appliance. This enables customers to deploy JumpCenter within minutes using dedicated hardware, virtualized infrastructure or public cloud architectures.  JumpCenter’s open REST/JSON API enables industry standard integration with other systems.

Next Generation User Interface

The JumpCenter user interface is accessible via leading browsers and uses RIA technology to push updates to the client. This eliminates the need to refresh browsers as events occur in the JumpCenter automation platform.  JumpCenter’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface is an important part of our commitment to delivering a solution that addresses real-time operational use cases, while simplifying the underlying technology to its users.

Broad Application Support

JumpCenter utilizes XML templates to pre-configure business rules for leading enterprise applications. Customers can modify and create templates for other applications including custom applications. JumpCenter’s patented technology can support virtually any application, process or component.

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