Eliminate Application Chaos

Everyone has been monitoring infrastructure for decades. Talk to IT guys and they’re glowing with confidence when it comes to infrastructure visibility. But when it comes to the application, too often they’re flying blind.  And in the Application Age, what’s more important to a business than having a clear application-centric view of your application and being able to react quickly when something’s amiss?

So why has there not been an application-agnostic view that let’s you see ALL of your apps in one place, regardless of type (custom, commercial off-the-shelf, SaaS) and platform (on-premise, cloud, virtual). Isn’t this what the enterprise really looks like today: heterogeneous, unpredictable, chaotic?

And why, when an issue occurs, does it require the same IT staff to manually perform the same time-consuming processes in the same sequence each time?  Isn’t there some way to automate some of this?

Pain Drives Breakthrough Innovation

Two very senior IT guys working at giant service providers were living in the chaotic and painful enterprise application world.  They could monitor the underlying system elements all day long, but didn’t have visibility into the applications themselves.

And when an application problem was detected—usually by a user—a series of time-consuming, complex and manual processes was required to recover the application.  And scripts—hundreds upon hundreds of scripts–were the bane of the IT guys’ existence, requiring too much time to develop and maintain something that didn’t scale because it only addressed the issue for which it was developed and no other.

This frustration became the IT guys’ drive to create their “holy grail”–a solution that provides visibility across all of an enterprise’s applications and the ability to take the necessary actions—for example to recover the application–with the push of a button.

Meet the App-Huggers

Essentially JumpSoft’s founders wanted to do for applications what was already possible for infrastructure.  There were already a lot smart “server huggers” out there.  What the world needed was some dedicated “app huggers.”

They set out to address the needs of the New Enterprise, with its increasingly wide and diverse range of application of all types across multiple environments, this new platform would have to be truly agnostic: open to all applications regardless of type (custom, commercial off-the-shelf, SaaS) and platform (on-premise, cloud, virtual).

Not just web applications. Not just next gen cloud architectures. All applications.  All platforms.

JumpSoft’s flagship product offering, JumpCenter, was developed based on the challenges the founders faces in managing enterprise applications for global telecom carriers and service providers.  JumpCenter brings to life their vision for:

  • Reducing the chaos and increasing the predictability associated with managing applications, in order to…
  • Increase application predictability and uptime, while…
  • Using less time and resources, in turn…
  • Enabling increased revenue and reduced costs.

Welcome to the Application Age. Welcome to JumpSoft.

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