Welcome to the Application Age

Businesses have plenty of ways to monitor and manage servers, databases and networks. Which makes sense because they’ve formed a critical bedrock of business success for decades.

But what about applications?  Applications create revenue.  Applications engender passionate, raving fans. Applications let you work faster and smarter. Applications have brains and a useful purpose.  Applications have direct accountability to users. Applications are the brand names that get blamed when a system hiccups or fails.

In the modern enterprise, “Application” = Business.  Which is why business users and P&L owners increasingly want to know what’s up with their app.  IT owns the application and certainly the infrastructure, but the business owns the revenue, cost-savings and user experience that the app must deliver.  Those in the New Enterprise—the IT executives overseeing application-driven, cross-platform environments who get the application’s uniquely central role to the success of the business–understand this.

Welcome to the Application Age, the new, app-centric era in business where it’s all about the application.

Welcome to the Application Age. Welcome to JumpSoft.

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