What is JumpCenter?

JumpCenter is the first application- and platform-agnostic Application Performance Management (APM) software solution that delivers two important breakthroughs:

  • Visibility across any and all of an enterprise’s applications; and
  • The ability to recover those applications with the push of a button.

What is Dynamix?

Dynamix is the patented engine within JumpCenter that simplifies the management of complex enterprise applications—regardless of technology or operating platform.

How does JumpCenter differ from the competition?

JumpCenter moves the management and automation up the stack to the application and database layer whereas many of our competitors focus on the infrastructure and OS layer. In addition, JumpCenter enables configuration of business rules without programming and provides a user interface and web services interface to enable rapid and integrated deployment at an affordable price.

How does JumpCenter reduce costs?

JumpCenter automates many of the manual steps and time required to support mission critical operations such as remotely logging into servers to start or stop applications and databases. JumpCenter can automatically maintain, track and improve SLAs for applications 24x7x365 with fewer resources.

How does JumpCenter reduce risk?

By defining business rules in JumpCenter, you can ensure that standard operating procedures are executed exactly the same each time, reducing human error and inconsistency.

Does JumpCenter work in the cloud? For virtual environments?

JumpCenter can be deployed and can manage applications running in the cloud, in virtual and on dedicated hardware. JumpCenter enables organizations to seamlessly manage and integrate applications running across all environments. For example, it is possible to configure JumpCenter to fail-over applications from dedicated servers on premise to the cloud or virtual data center for disaster recovery.

Can I accomplish the same with scripting?

Maintaining scripts is a challenging and expensive task as business needs and resources change. With JumpCenter your business rules are easy to define, review and manage without code. In addition, JumpCenter provides many features beyond scripting such as centralized, web-based visibility and reporting, scheduling, push-button control and integrated monitoring.

Can JumpCenter integrate with my existing IT systems?

Yes. JumpCenter has a REST based web services framework that enables integration to existing control, monitoring, ticketing and other IT system using industry standard XML. This enables customers to fully utilize JumpCenter within existing IT systems.

Can JumpCenter integrate with my existing scripts?

Yes. JumpCenter has a command-line interface that can be called from existing scripts to leverage JumpCenter functionality. In addition, scripts can be called from JumpCenter enabling organizations to leverage existing investments in scripts.

How many applications can JumpCenter support?

JumpCenter uses multi-threaded, parallel processing to monitor and control processes and can scale to manage hundreds of applications from a single implementation.

How much does JumpCenter cost?

JumpCenter is licensed based on the number of hosts managed. Most implementations are in the thousands of dollars and customers achieve a return on investment in less than one year.

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