October 5, 2012  JumpSoft, Inc. announced today that it will present the new Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) PaaS standard at the International Cloud Symposium 2012 on October 10 in Chevy Chase, MD.

JumpSoft is one of nine co-proposers of the CAMP specification along with Oracle, Redhat, Rackspace, Software AG, Huawei, CloudBees, CloudSoft and Standing Cloud.

CAMP is an open API to define PaaS resource and lifecycle management for Platform as a Service (PaaS) environments. Deployed as a HTTP based RESTful API, CAMP will enable customers to reuse services and tools across vendors and provide better portability and interoperability for cloud services. CAMP will enable customers to more easily blend services from multiple PaaS providers using standard tools and interfaces.

About JumpSoft

JumpSoft, Inc. provides layer 7 automation software and solutions. The company’s automation platform, JumpCenter™, provides business service management (BSM) and application performance management (APM) for a range of operating system and application environments, including virtual environments, cloud computing and dedicated servers. The company offers solutions that extend the control, management and automation to the application and database level across the enterprise. JumpSoft provides products that improve application availability, support failover and disaster recovery, reduce operational risks, lower operations costs, improve and track SLAs and reduce the need for manual operations.


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