JumpCenter offers a range of solutions to address the needs of the “New Enterprise,” with its increasingly wide and diverse range of application of all types across multiple environments.  Solutions include:

Application Performance Management (APM)

JumpCenter Application Management software improves the management, visibility, and ability to respond to events impacting application availability and performance. JumpCenter combines multiple points of visibility into any application, via a combination of built-in application-centric monitor types. Read more.

Runbook Automation (RBA)

JumpCenter provides next generation Runbook Automation (RBA). JumpCenter goes beyond other run book automation software products to provide dynamic process execution of business processes and seamless visibility around complex business services running in your enterprise or in the cloud. Read more.

Application Management

Application Management, whether in the cloud or traditional deployments, is the practice of ensuring application availability, service, integrity and security to meet business objectives. Effective application management eliminates manual, inconsistent and delayed response – and provides substantial benefits to organizations such as reduced costs, improved service, as well as revenue and brand protection. Read more.

Cloud Application Management

JumpCenter enables Cloud Application Management for any application running on Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud or virtual environment. With JumpCenter you gain seamless portability, visibility and control over applications. Extend capabilities such as remote support, monitoring, high availability or disaster recovery across networks. Read more.

Cyber Moving Defense Target

Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated and numerous by the day. To combat this threat, we believe the future is in deploying automated systems that can react and adapt to reduce the attack surface of IT systems. Developing game changing solutions the increase the cost and risk to the adversary is one key to winning the cyber battle. JumpSoft offers a Moving Target Defense solution called JumpCenter MTD. Read more.

Managed Application Security

As has been proven over the last several years, the risk of the “insider threat” can be just as dangerous as a malicious group of hackers coming from outside of one’s own organization.

JumpCenter provides a systematic way to tighten internal controls and policies by offering a platform that empowers staff through a secure interface, only providing access and enabling them to perform the discrete functions that are truly required within desired applications and environments to optimize operational efficiency, while enhancing the security model. Read more.

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