Application Management, whether in the cloud or traditional deployments, is the practice of ensuring application availability, service, integrity and security to meet business objectives. Effective Application Management eliminates manual, inconsistent and delayed response–and provides substantial benefits to organizations, including reduced costs, improved service and revenue and brand protection.

JumpCenter is the most advanced Application Management software available today. JumpCenter leverages a patented, dynamic logic engine, Dynamix, and configurable business rules to rapidly deploy Application Management–within hours versus months–using script and workflow approaches. JumpCenter is the only Application Management solution to provide full control and seamless visibility around any application or complex business service running anywhere, from physical to cloud or virtual environments. Templates to manage packaged commercial applications such as PeopleSoft are available, and custom applications can be configured in minutes.

JumpCenter can automatically detect and recover complex applications based on business rules. JumpCenter extends command and control to the application layer for custom and COTS applications. Improve ITIL capabilities for Availability Management and Service Level Management at a lower cost through patented application automation.

Application Management can improve specific CMMI practices such as:

CAM – Capacity and Availability Management

SCON – Service Continuity

IRP – Incident Resolution and Prevention

CAR – Causal Analysis and Resolution

OPP – Organizational Process Performance

JumpCenter provides Application Management to Fortune 500 clients and government agencies to improve CMMI capabilities and reduce costs. Organizations can significantly reduce planned and unplanned downtime, risks and costs through JumpCenter.

JumpCenter also works with monitoring platforms that provide granular visibility at the application and infrastructure level. Our software provides the user-friendly, high level “up or down” view at the application level—and we enable automated actions to address issues that have been identified at the network or server layers.

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