JumpSoft Application Module for PeopleSoft

JumpSoft has released the JumpCenter Application Module to provide a pre-configured, out-of-the-box capability to support PeopleSoft. This is part of the extended JumpCenter solution targeted at enabling improved management of PeopleSoft application environments as a packaged solution, along with other enterprise applications.

Capabilities of JumpCenter’s PeopleSoft Application Module

JumpCenter Support for PeopleSoft Management, and Associated Modules

  • Supports Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Student Administration modules
  • Management within/across PeopleSoft components, including PIA, Application Server, Process Scheduler, Database Server and Integration Broker Gateway
  • Management across distinct environments (Production, Test, Development, etc.) from single system

Comprehensive System Monitoring

  • Job/Process status monitoring, including posting, message queuing
  • Event/Threshold monitoring
  • Alerts generated proactively based on thresholds/status

Securely Controls Actions to Ensure System Health/Performance Across Domains/Components

  • Triggers automated actions based on configurable rules to remediate/work around issues
  • Empowers system control based on secure user-privileges (i.e. clear cache, stop/start DB)

Benefits of JumpCenter’s PeopleSoft Application Module

Single, Application/Customer-Centric Dashboard Across All PeopleSoft Environments

  • Measures and ensures SLA, delineates between planned/unplanned downtime
  • Provides visibility and notification to ensure awareness of application status

Automation of Monitoring, Management & Recovery

  • Identifies hung jobs/processes, queuing, failure to post, etc.
  • Recovery from system/component issues, including DR/failover
  • Coordinates system maintenance & support, reducing complexity and downtime, with less reliance on technology experts

Reduces Burden of Supporting Multiple Environments (Prod, Test, Dev, Staging, Training, etc.)

  • Enables secure self-service to various environments

To learn more about the PeopleSoft Application Module, please contact us here.