JumpCenter software improves the management, visibility and ability to respond to events impacting application availability and performance. JumpCenter combines multiple points of visibility into any application via a combination of built-in application-centric monitor types, including:

  • Database and Application Process Component monitors
  • URL/experience monitors
  • Script & third-party monitor control

Through this powerful combination, JumpCenter is able to determine how an application is behaving – whether it is up, down, or partially impaired–including which parts of an application are impacted. And through its broad application-agnostic approach, JumpCenter provides operations teams with a single view into and control over multiple applications.

JumpCenter is the first solution to combine visibility into the health of an application with the ability to recover from those issues through automation, or via the simple push of a button–the area where traditional APM tools fall short.  Other APM approaches provide metrics and data, typically used for performance analysis, but do not address the challenges of responding to real-time faults and events within or affecting the application.

JumpCenter, in conjunction with our Dynamix engine, provides a solution to intelligently identify and respond to any issue, or any series of complex events, resulting in rapid application recovery and service continuity.

JumpCenter also works with monitoring platforms that provide granular visibility at the application and infrastructure level. Our software provides the user-friendly, high level “up or down” view at the application level—and we enable automated actions to address issues that have been identified at the network or server layers.

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