JumpCenter enables Cloud Application Management for any application running on Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud or virtual environment. With JumpCenter you gain seamless portability, visibility and control over applications with capabilities such as remote support, monitoring, high availability or disaster recovery across networks.

Whereas most cloud application management solutions only support infrastructure and image level provisioning, JumpCenter’s patented technology provides application layer control and management for any packaged or custom application. This enables Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) regardless of the underlying infrastructure.  JumpCenter can automatically detect issues and recover complex applications based on your business rules.  This is a major improvement over manual support activities and significantly reduces planned and unplanned downtime.

Through JumpCenter, organizations can seamlessly implement on-demand computing within their IT architecture or in the cloud.  Even when components span dedicated cloud and virtual networks, JumpCenter enables integrated and single pane of glass management, visibility and control. JumpCenter Cloud Application Management can be deployed as a cloud service or on-premise, providing numerous deployment options.

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