Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated and numerous by the day. To combat this threat, JumpSoft believes the future is in deploying automated systems that can react and adapt to reduce the attack surface of IT systems.  Developing game-changing solutions that increase the cost and risk to the adversary is one key to winning the cyber battle. JumpSoft offers a Moving Target Defense solution called JumpCenter MTD.

JumpCenter MTD

JumpCenter MTD provides key benefits to organizations looking for an active defense solution:

  • Increase complexity and cost for attackers
  • Limit the exposure of vulnerabilities and opportunities for attack
  • Increase system resiliency

Layer 7 Defense

JumpCenter MTD provides real-time automated Moving Target Defense for the application layer (layer 7). The application layer is closest on the cyber target stack to supporting the mission layer and presents a large attack surface and opportunity for adversaries for several reasons:

  • The application layer is modified more frequently than lower layers through vendor and development team code releases which present potential exploits for adversaries. The application layer is vulnerable to attacks through lower level components.
  • In addition, attacks that affect the application can be more impactful on the mission because an entire business or mission service can be impacted by a single application component failure.

Why Current Solutions Fall Short

Current solutions that only harden and defend the OS/Network and HW/Systems layer components  do not properly support the mission due to application layer interdependencies. Application processes often rely on processes running on other servers across a distributed network and are particularly vulnerable to disruptions at the OS/Network and HW/Systems layer–even events that occur on other devices. This is because the entirety of an application can span multiple and diverse OS/Network layer components.

Take the example of a database server that is disrupted.  Bringing the database server back online and restoring the database service may not address the impact to dependent application(s) and web service components running on other hosts.  These dependent application layer components may now be unusable and need to be properly restarted due to loss of database connectivity and memory or cache corruption. This issue is increasing with the expansion and proliferation of service oriented architectures (SOA) throughout organizations.

MTD strategies that simply move OS images or restructure networks do not necessarily address application layer vulnerabilities. The application processes can still be attacked and made unavailable or penetrated because the attack surface is often exposed through services at higher protocols than the lower level stacks present to adversaries. The application layer is vulnerable to service disruption, zero-day exploits, code manipulation, malware and probing and incremental attacks.

How JumpSoft Helps

To achieve resiliency, it is critical to manage the application layer holistically and completely in order to properly account for dependencies that span both lower layers and across the application layer. MTD strategies need to account for these characteristics of the application layer.

JumpSoft delivers MTD technology to address application layer resiliency issues caused by disruptions to the application layer itself and to any of the preceding layers in the IT stack. Deployed at the application layer, JumpCenter MTD can mask and evade threats to OS/Network and HW/System layer components that can comprise a mission.

JumpSoft has developed and patented technology called Dynamix to provide fault tolerant application management and control to distributed, heterogeneous computer processes. JumpCenter MTD incorporates Dynamix to manage components within the application layer to support MTD. Some of these components are names, software stacks, networks and various configuration parameters. Each of these components can be considered a dimension of potential change that can significantly increase the complexity of the system. JumpCenter manages synchronized reactive and proactive movement of one to two of these dimensions as an approach to MTD.

JumpCenter MTD provides underlying gateways and/or plugins to support the integration to passive / active network IDP/IDS solutions, enabling rapid deployment of the solution. The core JumpCenter application can also support cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Services (IaaS) and virtualization gateways for a variety of deployment architectures.

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