What is JumpCenter?

JumpCenter is the first application- and platform-agnostic Application Management software platform that delivers two important breakthroughs:

  • Visibility across any and all of an enterprise’s applications; and
  • The ability to recover those applications with the push of a button.

JumpCenter Features

  • Complete Service Control: Push button control over business services. Start and stop databases, applications and services in an efficient, ordered and consistent way to reduce planned downtime.
  • Model Complex Relationships: Setup and maintain business rules to model relationships of service components through intuitive, user-friendly screens.
  • Real-Time Event Management: Understand and respond to events impacting business services in real-time. Improve the customer experience for applications.
  • Automate Resiliency: Detect incidents and automatically restore service for complex, multi-tiered business services to reduce unplanned downtime.
  • Enterprise Wide Visibility: See status for business services across the enterprise at a glance. Filter by state, organization, service area, life cycle and application type.
  • Understand the End-User Experience: Automatically execute user scripts to simulate test cases on scheduled basis. Alert, notify and act based on configurable thresholds.
  • Automate Notification: Setup and maintain custom specialized notifications to multiple groups to improve customer service.
  • Improve Security: Reduce the users requiring remote access to servers through a controlled business service interface.
  • Automate Routine Tasks: Reduce planned and unplanned downtime through efficient and consistent runbooks.
  • Seamless Integration: Web services API available to integrate with third party monitors and support applications.
JumpCenter Screen Showing All Applications in Various States

JumpCenter Screen Showing All Applications in Various States

JumpCenter Screen Showing All Applications in Same State

JumpCenter Screen Showing All Applications in Same State

JumpSoft Benefits

  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Improve service visibility and timeliness
  • Increase understanding of end-user experience
  • Enable help desk and end user service control
  • Improve service response time and first call resolution
  • Reduce service and support costs
  • Improve security and access controls
  • Reduce human error and service inconsistencies
  • Accurately track real-time SLAs
  • Improve auditability and continuous monitoring

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