JumpCenter provides next generation Runbook Automation (RBA) that goes beyond other solutions to provide dynamic process execution of business processes and seamless visibility around complex business services running in your enterprise or in the cloud.

Most Runbook Automation solutions are static and cannot account for multiple changing conditions during process execution. In other words, they require that you model all conditions before you can use them. This issue is that these tools cannot adapt to the numerous unforeseen faults and typical issues that occur in application management. That is why organizations struggle to use Runbook Automation for fault management or to support availability management; when something goes wrong it is a manual fix.

JumpCenter solves this through our patented technology called Dynamix™. Dynamix improves upon most other Runbook Automation tools by combining dynamic workflow engine processing and real time situational awareness to deliver incredible granularity of control and visibility into the application layer. You simply define how your application is supposed to run and JumpCenter takes care of the rest.

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